Our Approach

At Frasers Property, we are unified by our shared Purpose of 'Inspiring Experiences, Creating Places for Good.' In January 2021, we announced our Group-wide net zero​ carbon goal by 2050, one of five goals detailed in our FY2020 sustainability report. For us, delivering on sustainability​ is an integral part of being a purpose-driven, enduring and progressive company.

We aim to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in every stage of our value chain – from business strategies to operations. In creating shared value for our stakeholders, communities and the environment, we are building a resilient business for generations to come.

We aspire to be a leader and set industry benchmarks in building sustainable communities. The diversity of our people is a competitive advantage and we continue to embrace and invest in a progressive, collaborative and respectful culture, working with our stakeholders towards greater sustainability.

Our Sustainability Framework

Our Sustainability Framework sets out our sustainability priorities as a Group through to 2030. The Framework is driven by three pillars, namely Acting Progressively, Consuming Responsibly and Focusing on People. These three pillars form a multi-disciplinary approach that recognises 13 corresponding Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) focus areas.

The Sustainability Framework also provides common ground upon which we will direct our efforts to manage and deliver our sustainability priorities across the value chain, while providing individual business units and listed REITs with sufficient flexibility to develop and implement strategies and action plans tailored to their business model, operations and plans.

Acting Progressively

We believe a progressive and innovative mindset is vital to business sustainability. We incorporate innovative solutions and sustainability criteria into the way we manage our portfolio to strengthen our resilience and competitive edge as a business. 


Being respectful of laws, regulations and needs of society is key to being a good corporate citizen. Good governance serves as an indispensable foundation upon which we can evolve as a business. We recognise the benefits that clear policies and good management bring to our business and we strive to maintain high standards of integrity, accountability and responsible governance.


Frasers Property is a signatory to the Corporate Governance Statement of Support since 2015, and a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact since 2016. We have a zero-tolerance approach towards corruption and fraud. We also strive for zero incidence of non-compliance with all laws and regulations.


In 2020, we made a commitment to advance and empower women at the workplace by endorsing the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles.




Consuming Responsibly

We continuously seek to improve our energy consumption and carbon emissions, as well as water consumption and waste generation, to play our part in fighting climate change and environmental degradation.


In addition to improving our operational efficiencies, we believe that the design of a building directly affects its performance and indirectly encourages sustainable behaviour in its occupants. Frasers Property therefore employs innovative methods and techniques to create positive and enabling spaces at the development stage. We also adopt technologies in the energy sector to help us meet energy challenges quickly.


Focusing on People

Frasers Property values the experiences of our employees and our customers. We emphasise the career development, welfare, health and safety of each employee. We pride ourselves on having a diverse workforce in terms of age, gender, skill-sets and nationality. We are also committed to providing equal employment opportunities based on meritocracy.


Our properties provide spaces for people to live, work and interact and we look for opportunities to create memorable and enriching experiences for our customers.


As a company with a global presence, we are able to create positive impact in the communities where we operate. 

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Strengthening Our Sustainability Core

Beyond just managing risks, sustainability provides opportunities to future-ready our business through innovation and long-term strategic planning. In FY20, five new sustainability goals have been established to guide Frasers Property to 2050.

Establishing these initial five goals is a key milestone as we further strengthen our sustainability core and integrate sustainability into our business operations

Sustainability Report

Frasers Property published its first sustainability report in 2015, and has since continued to do so annually. We monitor and report on the key aspects of sustainability that matter most to our business and our stakeholders, as well as disclose related targets and plans here.

Our sustainability report shares detailed information about our material topics and, key sustainability initiatives during the year. Our report is prepared in accordance with the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited Listing Manual (Rules 711A and 711B), and the Global Reporting Initiative Standards “Comprehensive” including GRI G4’s Construction and Real Estate Sector supplements.

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