We are place-makers and space creators, working with you to build for the future.

Bringing the world to you

We are owners, developers and managers with over 60 years of experience in global real estate and sites across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa.

As the largest single-ownership company of UK business parks, we draw on our global expertise to constantly innovate and transform spaces where outside is in - where culture and experience come together.

Global experience, local expertise

Creating for good

Our people share a collective ambition to build a healthier world. This shared vision enables us to create truly sustainable environments for everyone. 

We know that the built environment plays an integral role in building communities, social cohesion, wellness and enabling safer and more inclusive spaces.

As a leading multinational real estate company, we are committed to ensuring that what we do benefits businesses, communities and the environment.

Our purpose helps guide us in how we progress, invest and develop - always working to strengthen the connection between people and the places they work, live and thrive.

Experience matters

Collaborating with purpose

We believe that relationships matter.

That is why we nurture a culture of collaboration, fostering meaningful partnerships with customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

Together, we can connect, learn and build excellence, working with a shared purpose and clear vision to transform tomorrow.

Our culture

Who we are