Suzhou Baitang One

Suzhou Baitang One (白塘壹号) is located in the Eastern Jin Ji Lake area of Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP).

No. of residential units:


Total gross floor area (GFA):

566,000 sqm

Its strategic location makes it the only residential development in SIP with an exclusive scenic view of Baitang Botanical Park.


The development takes advantage of the park's natural greenery which extends into and intertwines with the recreational gardens of these homes. The project had received several awards including the latest addition of Construction Excellence Award & the Best Living Residential Environment Award for creating the most livable residential precinct from the Suzhou Government in 2019.


The project consisting of waterfront terrace houses, town houses, high-rise condominiums and a retail mall, Parkville Point (星堤坊), to serve its community. The architecture marries both local and global cultures, mixing traditional Suzhou with contemporary styles.


Suzhou Baitang One comprises of 4,038 residential units. To date, all high-rise residential units were sold and the remaining stock of 32 villas. Target sales in FY2025 depending on the relaxation of pricing restriction.


Baitang Road SIP District Suzhou, China

Suzhou Baitang One