Gemdale MegaCity

Gemdale MegaCity (上海松江金地自在城) is a joint-venture project between Frasers Property Limited and Gemdale Corporation.

No. of residential units:


Total gross floor area (GFA):

855,000 sqm

It is located in Sijing Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, and is an integrated residential development comprising apartments, terraced houses and townhouses, retail and other essential community amenities. It has a total GFA of 855,000 sqm.

There are altogether 7,009 residential units to be developed in 6 phases. To date, all residential units have all been sold and handed over. The final piece of the development i.e. a small retail complex is scheduled to be opened for business in December 2023.



Sijing Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China



Gemdale MegaCity